Oasis Summer


Through the summer we will be offering a varied programme of kids,

youth and family activity, called the Oasis Summer Sessions!

All activities will be tailored to ensure we are prioritising the safety of

all in attendance, and inline with updated Covid-19 Government Guidelines.

This will include regular weekly activities – kids, youth, family, sports &

games – and food provision, resource packs for families

We hope to:

  • provide essential connection for children, parents and whole families in our community

  • improve mental and physical health and wellbeing, through social and physical activities

  • support children and young people with their transition back into activities together and the new school term in September

  • support families who are struggling, with nutritious food provision

Oasis Summer Sessions Family Timetable:   


Our youth activity will be a tailored programme across the summer. Please get in touch with Stu Thomson for any more information, or if your young person (11+) would like to get involved.  


                         Monday                    Tuesday                 Wednesday              Thursday             

                        Oasis Kids                Oasis Kids               Oasis Kids                Oasis Kids       

                   Summer Sessions       Summer Sessions       Summer Sessions      Summer Sessions     

                    Reception - Yr 5               Yr 6 - 8                Reception - Yr 5             Yr 6 - 8

                    10am - 12noon         10am - 12noon         10am - 12noon         10am - 12noon

                     Oasis Johanna             Oasis Farm             Oasis Johanna            Oasis Farm

                      Oasis Family               Oasis Family            Oasis Family           Dinner & Brunch

                   Summer Sessions       Summer Sessions        Summer Sessions         Box Distribution

                      All welcome!              All welcome!            All welcome!                All Day 

                       2 - 3.30pm                 2 - 3.30pm              2 - 3.30pm               9am - 6pm

                       4 - 5.30pm                 4 - 5.30pm              4 - 5.30pm               

Please note, our Summer Sessions: Sports and Social are welcome to whole families of all ages – including younger kids and young people.  


PLATE UP: Summer Food Boxes  

We want to make delicious food easier for families to get hold of as well as save money too. This summer, we are delivering direct to your door! 

The Brunch Box is worth the equivalent of £15 a week! It includes family-friendly breakfast and lunch items that can be used to keep children satisfied across the week, including some family resources to get you creative in the kitchen, and help children enjoy a variety of food. This is FREE, and ALL FAMILIES are welcome to join in!  

The Brunch & Dinner Box* is worth the equivalent of £45 a week! So save time and energy by enjoying five pre-prepared, delicious vegetarian, family meals cooked by top London chefs, plus some extra essentials to cook on the side.  

*The Dinner Box is offered primarily to families in receipt of free school meals or currently at the risk of food insecurity.  


If you would like to find out more about our family food provision, please get in touch! 

Email us or call 020 7921 4205.  


Sounds good? What shall I do next?  

You must sign up to register your interest. We will then be in touch to confirm, and send you all the information you need to take part this summer!  

Every single activity or food box is FREE! All are welcome to join in – but please SIGN UP! First come, first served.  

To sign up, simply fill in your registration form online, or get in touch if you’d like some support on

020 7921 4205.

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