Yr 5: Beast Creator~Week 3

Good morning Year 5, how are you today?

This week our LI for our work on mini-beasts is:

I know the different micro-habitats where mini-beasts can be found and some mini-beasts that can be found in each.

Do you know what habitat means? It means a place to live. If micro means small or mini then micro-habitat means small places where things live. Small places to live for small creatures!

Where would you expect to find the mini-beasts, in the picture below, living?

Task: Make a list of the ones you know. For example. Worm: in the earth/mud. Woodlice: under a log...

Now, watch this clip to see all the things you can find under a log in California.

Nature Note: If you go to the park, please do not start pulling logs apart, but you can lift up logs and stones carefully in shady places and see what is underneath.

Task: Look at the pictures below and match the mini-beast to its habitat. List your discoveries.

Extention task: Write sentences for as many of these mini-beasts as you can to explain why they have those specific habitats. Why do you think they are there? For example, the micro-habitat of a spider is its web because...

To finish: find out about the fastest swimming invertebrate on Earth here and explore the website for fun to find out more interesting facts abut invertebrates. Write a paragraph about what you found out and illustrate it.

If you would like to show me any of your work from this lesson, photograph it and send it to: jane.currell@oasisjohanna.org, I would love to see it!

Keep looking for mini-beasts while you are out and about in this lovely weather. Look under things, closely at grass, trees, flowers. You will find lots if you look closely and carefully enough!

Happy insect-spotting,


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