Yr 4 wk3 Grammar

Hi Blue Class,

This week in English we are going to practise using those fronted adverbials.

If you need a reminder what they are and how to use them, watch this clip (you can try the quiz after as well to see how much you remember!)

Task 1

In your books rewrite these sentences by moving the adverbial phrase to the front of the sentence.

Remember: You must use a comma after your fronted adverbial.

  1. The lion leaped from the tall grass as quick as a flash.

  2. The howler monkeys wake up the whole jungle with their loud calls in the morning.

  3. The badgers' home was built under the woodland ground.

Task 2

This time, add your own fronted adverbials to the sentences.

  1. The fox stared at the mouse.

  2. The giraffe reached for the leaf on top of the tree.

  3. The owl soared through the sky.

Top tip!

Fronted adverbials explain how, where or when something happened.

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