Yr 4 Grammar

Hi Blue Class,

Let's re-cap some of those grammar skills we have already learnt. 

We are going to look at word families; word families are created by either adding a prefix (at the beginning) or a suffix (at the end) onto a root word. 

For example:

Root word: excite 

Suffix: exciting, excitement, excited, 

Notice that sometimes the spelling of the root word has to change! 

How many other words can you make using the following root words:

  1. happy

  2. run 

  3. write

  4. behave

  5. collect

Can you check your words using a dictionary - use an online dictionary if you do not have one at home.

Challenge: Try to find both prefixes and suffixes.  Extension: Can you write 5 of your new words in sentences? 

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