Yr 1 - Science Week 3- Wild Plants

Hello Year One! Our Science Topic this term is learning about different plants. We have looked at naming parts of a plant and explaining what they are for. Perhaps you have planted some seeds at home to see how plants grow from a tiny seed or bean.

This week we will be looking at wild plants and flowers.

- What makes a plant wild?

- Can you name any weeds?

- Look at the pictures below and see if you can make any of these common wild plants and flowers?

- When you go on your daily walk can you look out for any of these plants? - Which ones are most common? Can you record what you find in a tally chart?

- Can you collect some samples and make a scrap book or picture? Be careful not to take too many so other people can enjoy looking at them!

- Can you find and name some other wild plants?

Happy hunting everyone

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