Yr 1 Science - Plants in the garden

Last week we looked at wild plants that grow naturally without being planted. Some people may consider these plants weeds. or a plant that grows in the wrong place.

This week we are thinking about gardens. Some people may be lucky enough to have their own garden, but for many people a nearby public plant is our garden - which lots of people can enjoy.

- Think of a garden you spend time in. Which garden is a happy place for you?

- Do you recognise any of the above flowers? Can you find out their names?

Draw a picture of a garden.

- What plants would you like to include?

- What special features would you include in your garden? Maybe a pond or a hill to roll down? Write about what you have chosen and why!

Watch this clip about plants. Make notes - what did you learn?

Remember on your daily walks to keep looking for different plants. Can you identify them? You might collect one or two for your scrapbook.

Happy learning Orange Class and take care xxx

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