Yr 1 Maths Wk 4

This week you will be:

Adding by making 10

Subtracting within 20 Solving addition and subtraction word problems

Comparing number sentences

From this week the way you access maths will be slightly different. You will notice that the worksheet are no longer freely available on the White Rose website. You will still have access to the White Rose home learning videos, which have additional questions built into them, but will need to follow the link to the BBC Bitesize daily lessons to get some extra practise.

When you arrive at the site you will need to select your year group then click on the day's lesson. Here you will find a few videos and worksheets and you may also find a game to play related to the same maths topic.

Problem Solving

Think about what we know from reading the word problems. Are we supposed to add or subtract? Do we know the whole and / or the parts?

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