Yr 1 - 4th May

Good morning Orange Class, and a very happy Monday to you all. I hope you are all keeping safe indoors, but also making sure you get some exercise outside if you can. I know I enjoy the days when I get a chance to go outside, even if it is just around the block!

I hope you are managing to read every and try to do some learning around our superheroes topic.

Here is a short overview for some activities you can try at home. Don't forget to use Phonics Play for phonics practise, Oxford Owl and Reading Eggs for reading and also My Maths as well as the other recommended sites.

Other superhero stories you might like to listen to are Traction Man by Mini Grey. There are various different adventures featuring Traction Man. Can you think of your own story with Traction Man or Girl? What could they get up to in the house under lockdown?!

This week in phonics refresh your memory of all the different ways you can make the ai, ay, a-e, a sound. Where do you usually see the 'ai' and 'ay' in a word? Make a super long word list and write some silly sentences with those sounds.

I hope you have a wonderful wee. I am missing you all and look forward to seeing you soon

Jeanette xxx

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