YOU'VE GOT THIS! Remember to breathe.....

This is TOUGH! For everyone. For kids, for parents, for whole families. It's OK if you've been finding this a really difficult adjustment - if you've been feeling frustrated, annoyed, or even sad. If you've got cabin fever, are feeling bored, or are struggling with the pressure of doing work, being super-parent, teacher, chef and full time babysitter.

And it's also OK if you're actually finding a bit more rhythm, and starting to settle a little bit, and finding ways to keep yourself healthy amidst this change.

The important thing to know is that YOU'VE GOT THIS! Well done - you've got through the weeks, and you'll continue to find news ways to cope and manage.

Often when we have things outside of our control, we can begin to feel a bit stressed, anxious and then let that out as frustration on other people - we might get irritated easily, upset, or be a bit mean to someone else. Does that ever happen to you?

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