Year One - Reading Fun!

Hello Year One, I hope you have still been making time to read as often as possible.

I know that it must be difficult to read a variety of books, when our class library and community library is closed. I have been trawling the internet and have a free trial with a company called Bug Club. Please take part and look at the books allocated to you, finish the quizzes, and let me know what you think of the site. To get started you need to google bug club login. Then click on the link that says active learning.

This is what the page will look like, then you can write in your user name, password and school code. Your user name is your own name in lower case letters and your password is your surname in lower case letters. If your surname only had 3 letters please add 01 after. If your surname has 4 letters please add 1 to make the password the minimum of 5 letters. The school code is ct66. When you sign in your page should look something like this:

If you click on MY STUFF at the top of the page, you will see three different selection of books: guided books, independent and science books. You can see each book shows how many gold coins you can collect for reading that book, underneath the title.

You choose which book you want to read and when you click on that you can see there is an adult guide on the first page; giving the key spellings and spelling patterns to look out for and other tips. If you look at the bottom of the screen you can even have the book read to you first if you are having difficulty. You could listen to a page first then have a go yourself.

When you go through some of the books you may notice a little bug on the page. If you click on that you can answer a question about that page and get some gold coins to add to your treasure chest. When you have answered the question correctly, the bug will have closed it's eyes to show it is completed.

When you have finished a book you can trade in your coins for prizes for example stickers for your sticker album. Your books, when finished, will be saved to your library so you can revisit them. If you finish most or need a challenge you can contact me and I will allocate some more.

Have a play with the site and let me know your thoughts and whether you like it. If you have any problems logging on please contact me at:

Happy Reading I hope you enjoy your books.

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