Year One - Enchanted Woodland

Hello Orange Class.

I hope you are well and had a great half term.

This term we have an exciting topic, which is called Enchanted Woodland.

We will be listening to some exciting magical stories and will be learning about different woods and forests around the world. We will also be learning about what animals live in different woodlands. Do you know of any British woodland animal? Can you find out about them and write a fact file? Why not choose one of the animals below or find out about one of your own.

I love reading the Nick Butterworth stories about Percy the park keeper and his woodland friends. This story 'After the Storm' is one of my favourites. I hope you enjoy it. Maybe you can think of another adventure the animals may get up to, with you are the park keeper. I would love to hear your stories.

This week we would have been learning about different jungles and rainforests around the world and looking at them on a map. I wonder of you can do the same? How are jungles and rainforests different to British woodlands?

If you are able to print out a world map you could draw on the rainforests and label your map and make a key. Learning about nature around the world is one of my favourite things and I hope you enjoy finding out more too

As part of our topic launch we would have gone to Archbishops park to look at the different plants and trees and insects. Maybe you could visit a local woodland or park to enjoy an outside walk, and use your ‘super senses’ to observe nature’s beauty and magic. In a small bag, collect fallen treasures they find along the way. Describe your surroundings and take digital photographs of interesting things: tree bark, leaves of different shapes and sizes, wild flowers or nuts and then you could make a collage of these things or even make a fairy garden with your treasures.

I have used an old flower pot and filled it with soil; then added my grass, flowers and other little bits and bobs to make a fairy or pixie garden. I would love to see yours too! Happy making.

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