Year 6 Gallery Rebels - Performance Art

Art can be so many things.

We have discussed this in class or in our Teams session.

Performance art is when the 'art' is created by the artsist and other participants. Acting, singing, dancing, mime are all part of performance art.

This is my most favourite piece of performance art and it makes me cry pretty much every time I see it!

Read the information at the beginning of the video but in summary:

  • This is Marina Abramovic, she is a Serbian artist.

  • Her performance involves sitting at a table and having members of the public come and sit in silence with her for 1 minute.

  • Ulay is her former partner, they were in love but their relationship ended some time ago.

  • She had no idea he was going to be there.

  • Then he approaches and sits with her.

Watch her reaction when she sees him.

Watch his reaction.

What do you think they are both thinking in this moment?

Create some thought bubbles and write in them what you think might be going through their minds.

So beautiful!

(I read that they got back together after this.)


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