Year 5: What on earth was the Reformation?

Fifteen years before Henry VIII split the church into Catholics and Protestants in Britain, a German man called Martin Luther caused the same thing to happen in central Europe. You can find out all about it by watching this fun, animated clip here.

Once you have watched it, answer the questions below in a notebook. (You might need to watch the clip again).

1. What event, when he was 21, made Martin Luther pray and offer his life to God?

2. What does Luther want to discuss with other priests and how does he post his ideas? (No facebook or twitter then).

3. Martin Luther listens to his conscience? What does this mean? You can look it up on word hippo here. Have you ever made a choice because of your conscience? (You knew what was the right thing to do?) Explain.

4. While Luther was an outlaw he translated the Bible into German. Why does he do that? Do you agree or disagree with him doing this? Explain your opinion.

5. What is the impact of people being able to read the Bible in their own language?

Henry VIII defended the Catholic Church when Martin Luther posted his theses in 1517 and the Pope (the head of the Catholic Church) gave him the title "Defender of the Faith".

In 1533 though, because he wanted a divorce, he left the Catholic Church and founded the Church of England and made himself the Supreme Head. This is a title which gets passed down through the royal family. Elizabeth II now has that role. She is the Supreme Head of the Church of England. To find out more about 5 woman who were influential in the Reformation, read this page here.

What about today?

Today, Catholics and Protestant are all part of the Christian Church along with Orthodox Churches too. They get on a lot better than they used to and often work together in their communities. Their Bibles and the way they worship God are very similar but have some big differences too. Finish your work today by creating your own list of questions of faith or being human that you would like to ask. It does not need to have 95 points like Luther's list!

Keep reading about and watching clips or learning songs about the Tudors on You Tube. And don't forget to watch Horrible Histories too!


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