Year 5: What are you noticing?

Now that you are learning at home perhaps you are discovering some new things about yourself as a learner.

Remember our meta-learning journals at school? Some of you were very good at writing in a note when you realised something about yourself as a learner. I have been wondering if you are making any new discoveries about your self as a learner at home? Have a think about it...

Perhaps you find it easier to learn at home, sitting alone or using the computer. Maybe you are missing having other people to bounce ideas around with or you have realised you have more of a growth mindset when you are not surrounded by other people. Maybe you have started to learn about something you have always been curious about and you are doing your own research. What have you noticed?

It's great if you can keep thinking deeply about yourself as a learner and discover more about what helps you learn and what doesn't and how you like to learn. Why not make a colourful poster or a chart to describe yourself as a learner. If you want to you can send a photo of it or send it as an attachment to:

Well done, you are a bunch of terrific learners!


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