Year 5: Welcome to Term 6!

Good morning Indigo Class! I hope you had a great week off and are ready to get going again with your home learning. This is your last term in Year 5 so let's make the most of it.

Here is a checklist of priorities. Have a look and see what you need to work on this term. Here's our list with the most important things at the top:

  1. 1. Reading often.

  2. 2. Confident that I know all my times tables from 1 to 12 really well.

  3. 4. Completing the weekly White Rose Maths lesson posted on

3. Learning my weekly spellings (Jane post's these each Monday).

4. Completing at least one post about the topic each week. (This term it is all about minibeasts so look out for posts called "Beast Creator".)

5. Working on my MyMaths homework.

6. Doing some writing activities.

It is helpful to create a routine and to have a timetable so that you can do a bit of learning each day from Monday to Friday.

Perhaps you could also set yourself a goal or two. For example: I will know all my times tables really well by the end of term. I will read 2 new books this term. I will do the White Rose maths every week.

Have you seen Sharika's post about the Sumdog maths competition we are taking part in? It starts this Friday, 5th June until 11th June and will be great fun.

Go to to explore the site. You can login with your MyMaths logins.

Let's see if we can get a really good score for our school.

Don't forget I would love to see your work so you can send anything you want to show me to:

I will be giving you a call soon to say hello.

Have a great term. I know it's still all very odd but keep going with your learning and together we'll make the most of a difficult situation.

Miss you,


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