Year 5: Weekly Spellings

Good morning Indigo Class, it was great to see some of you on Friday. It has also been lovely to see some of your work, thank you to those of you who are taking a photo and e-mailing your work to me to see. The end of term is not far away, but let's keep trying to learn from home. You have all done so well at that and the effort you have put in now will really pay off when you are in Year 6.

This week, I would like you to check out this spelling list:

You probably know most or all of them. These are the most commonly misspelled words in primary school. Before you go in to Year 6, let's check that you know them all.

Task 1: If there are some that you are not sure of, make a list of them and have them as your spellings to learn this week. Tricky one's might be: frightened, February, received, friends, surprise. When you have made your list of 5-10 spellings, put each one in to a sentence. Practise them each day and make sure you are confident about all the spellings in the list.


Task 2:

If you know all the words in the list, look for the homophones. Can you find and write down words in the list which sound the same but are spelt differently, to match:








Now look at the list of 100 words and find :

  1. a partner for there

  2. a partner for it's

  3. Three kinds of 2

Add them to your list.

Task 3: Now everyone, having completed task 1 or Task 2, take a look at the sentences below and copy and complete numbers 4-13, filling on the missing homophone.

Optional Extension Task: Make a colourful poster to show the three different uses of the homophones they're, their and there. You can send it to me at:

Well done, you have completed the lesson.


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