Year 5: Using Suffixes.

Good morning Indigo Class. Happy Friday!

I am looking forward to seeing you at 4pm today when we will meet on zoom to play some games for half an hour. Hope you can make it.

Last week you did some work on prefixes. This week, let's remind ourselves about suffixes. When we add them to the end of a word they make a new word with a new meaning even though the root (base) word stays the same.

Task 1: Brainstorm all the suffixes you can think of and write them in a list. Now watch this clip here to remember how to add the suffix -ly or -ment. Write 2 sentences using each suffix.

Task 2: Look at the poster below and then copy and complete the words in the sorting activity underneath it. You will need to draw 3 columns and head them -ate, -ise and -ify. Don't forget to apply the rules that are bullet pointed.

Task 3: Write 6 sentences using words from each column. If you are not sure what a word means, for example, oxygenate or falsify, look it up at word hippo, here.

Extension task (optional): to find out about some more suffixes, watch this clip here.

Keep learning! See you later,


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