Year 5: Topic-tastic Review

Hi Indigo Class, you have worked very hard on 6 different topics throughout the year. Through these, you have been able to learn all sorts of new historical, geographical and scientific facts and skills. What were your favourites? Which one's were the hardest? What surprised you the most? Did any of them make you think "I would like to do that as a job"? Be an archaeologist, an astronaut, an entomologist, a historian, a human right activist, a scientist?

So, what can you remember? What are the main things that stand out to you?

Task 1: Take a piece of paper or a page in a notebook, turn it landscape, then make 6 sections by putting one line horizontally across it in the middle and two lines vertically like this:

For each section writing in one of these headings:

Alchemy Island



Scream Machine

Off with Her Head!

Beast Creator.

In each section, now write and draw the main things you remember about that topic so that you end up with a summary of your topic year. If you have A3 paper, you could do it on a bigger scale.

Then copy and complete the following sentences, reflecting on your learning and including as much explanation as you can:

  1. My favourite topic was ________ because....

  2. The topic I learnt the most in and felt like I really grew in was _______ because....

  3. I noticed that as a learner, I worked best when.....

  4. The topic that I found the hardest was __________ because....

  5. The topic I would like to choose to keep learning about through books, internet and TV is ________________ because.........

I thought you all did a great job with the Independent Learning Activities this year. These helped you to be able to do your home learning better, because you already knew how to make choices and do activities like power point presentations. Write down three words that would sum up and describe your experience of the ILA's, for example: FUN, CHALLENGING, INTERESTING. Or perhaps: DIFFICULT, PARTNERS, MEANINGFUL. You choose your own words to describe them.

If you can, please e-mail your ideas to: as this will help me when I think about what I will do with Indigo Class next year.

Finally, to finish off our work on invertebrates, have a look at this National Geographic page here. Click on some of the different invertebrates, look at the slides and read the sentences about them.

Well done, you've made it!


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