Year 5: Spelling Time

Hi Indigo Class. It has been great to see so many of you recently, either online or at school among the key worker children. This is our last week together as a class and your last week in Year 5. I am excited for you going in to Year 6, I think you will do an amazing job at the top of the school and you will have a lot of fun learning with Leanne and Paul. I will only be next door if you want to pop in and see me for a catch up.

You have done a great job with learning your spellings this year. A few weeks ago, I posted this list of the most common spelling mistakes in primary school, please make sure you know them all really well before you start Year 6:

Today, we will finish our homophones work. Match the words below into pairs and then write a sentence using each one to show their meanings. For example, the cymbals are a very loud instrument. I can draw the symbol for life in Egyptian hieroglyphs.

past currant foul pause cymbal

symbol paws current fowl passed

If you do not know what a word means then use word hippo to look it up, here.

Optional extension task: create a quiz for someone in your family. Give them a list of the ten words and then give a clue and they have to guess which word it is. For example:

Clue 1: This is the name of a type of bird that is farmed for eating. (fowl)

Clue 2: This is a dried grape. (currant)

Can they guess them all correctly?

Keep going with your learning this week. You are nearly there! Look out for some fun Year 5 posts to review the year.


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