Year 5: Spelling-tastic! Week 4.

Good Morning Indigo Class, I'm looking forward to playing some games with you on Friday afternoon, so look out for that invitation from our class reps.

This week our spellings are all homophones. Remember that word? Let's translate it: homo=same, phone=sound. Homophones are words that sound the same when you read or say them but have different spellings and meanings, for example, taught and taut, past and passed, pause and paws. As a reminder, watch this clip.

These are the words to learn this week:











Task: Copy and complete the sentences below, using the correct word from the list.

  1. We were not __________ to play in the garden that day.

  2. The ball went __________ and _____________away from us. (Use the same word twice)

  3. The ________ of cattle moved slowly across the road.

  4. The _________ played loudly as they marched.

  5. The protest was _____________ because of the pandemic.

  6. I would never have ______________ that he was that old.

  7. I enjoyed being a ___________ at the hotel.

  8. When he read __________ you could hear every word.

  9. His mother and _____________ came along too.

  10. When we __________the news, we were shocked.

Note: Band can be a group of musicians or a something that goes around something else such as a band of ribbon or a wedding band (ring).

During the week learn your spellings by choosing activities from the menu and then ask someone to test you on Friday. Practice makes perfect!

Have a great week,


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