Year 5: Spelling-tastic!

Good Morning Indigo class and Happy Monday!

This is the last week of Term 5. It's hard to believe we are here already....and still not together in our classroom.

So here are your spellings to learn for the week:

bought (from to buy)

brought (from to bring)



borough (as in we live in the borough of Lambeth)

bough (sound like bow and means the branch of a tree)


distraught (very upset)

recognise (to know something or someone)


The pattern this week is still ough. To help you learn this pattern, watch this clip here.

I have given some of the word meanings in brackets above but you can find out more about the words by looking on word hippo, here.

In your notebook, put each word in to a sentence or see how many words you can include in one sentence.

For example: I bought a pie and brought it to my Mum who recognised the shop it was from and was distraught that I had paid so much for it!

I managed 4 in one sentence, how many can you do? Remember, it still has to make sense! Can you do picture for each sentence?

Have a great week.

Don't forget to do this week's White Rose Maths lessons and My Maths homework.


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