Year 5 Science: Life Cycles.

Good morning Indigo Class.

Last week we found out about life cycles and stages of life. As a reminder, watch this clip.

When animals grow inside a parent, before they are born, it is called the gestation period. In humans, that is when a baby is growing in a mother's womb for 9 months.

Different animals have different lengths of gestation period. Can you list the 5 groups that animals with a backbone (vertebrates) are classified in to?

Did you remember them all?

Look at the table below showing gestation periods for different animals. What you notice? Can you see any patterns?

In a notebook, order the animals on a scale along a line from shortest gestation period to longest gestation period. What do you notice?

Answer these questions using sentences and explain your reasons why:

1. Do you think that the lengths of gestation is linked to the type of animal?

2. "Animals with legs have a longer gestation period than animals without legs". Is this statement correct? Give reasons for your answer.

3. "Animals who live in water have shorter gestation periods than animals who live on land". Is this statement correct? Give reasons for your answer.

To finish, watch this clip here and then do some research to find out what a marsupial is.

Write a sentence to summarise what you found out today.

Have a good day,


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