Year 5 Science: Life Cycles

Last week we thought about animal life cycles. This week let's learn about this animal: humans. We also have a life cycle, have you ever thought about that? Quickly see if you can list all the stages of the human life cycle. Then watch this clip here and see if you were right. Don't forget to do the sorting activity under the clip.

Did you guess all the stages?

Here are some pictures of people at each stage. Have a close look at them, what do you notice about the changes going on?

Did you notice how much we change at each stage in height, build and hair colour for example. We also change in lots of ways as people, for example in what we are able to do, what we understand, what roles we have and our hobbies.

Did you spot the missing stage when you compare these pictures to the stages on the clip?

What stage are you in now? Which one will come next?

Learning Activity

In your notebook create your own human life cycle using pictures and labels for each stage. You could use a format like the one below or design your own.

Extra Challenge: can you find and print out pictures of a parent, carer or grandparent at each stage of the human life cycle (or most of them) and stick and label them into a format like the one above?

Or write about your hopes and dreams for the future stages of your life? You could use a cloud for each stage.

Keep growing!


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