Year 5 Science: Animal Life Cycles.

Good morning Indigo Class! You will love this lesson because most of you are big fans of animals I know!

Can you remember learning about the life cycle of a butterfly or a frog when you were younger? Draw a quick sketch of it if you can.

All living things are born, live for some time and eventually die. This cycle continues on and on and within the cycle there are different stages. What stage for example, are you in right now in the human life cycle?

This term we are going to think and learn some more about animal life cycles.

Have a look at the poster below to compare the life cycles of some different animals:

Can you draw a life cycle for a dog or cat? Choose your favourite and have a go in your blue notebook.

Now watch this clip here

Can you think of an animal that you would like to research? Perhaps it could be one of these:

Or you could choose an animal that lives in another country in one of these habitats:

Choose an animal and go online to find out about it. Create a fact file about the things you found interesting. Make it colourful. Afterwards, see if you can draw a life cycle for your animal. The template below shows a good way to draw it:

If you want to show me the life-cycle you drew, you can take a picture of it and send it to me at

Have fun!


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