Year 5: Remember relative clauses?

How would you describe what a relative clause is to someone who had never hear of them? And what is a relative pronoun? Have a think about it.

Task 1: click on this link to refresh your understanding about relative clauses and relative pronouns. Do the activity and quiz underneath the clip. Then, write 3 sentences about the dinosaur to practise using a relative clause. Remember the extra information can go in the middle of the sentence with commas or at the end of the sentence. For example: The dinosaur, which was huge and green, lived by the lake.

Task 2: Watch the song below to check you have really got it.

Task 3: Use this simple sentence with the pronouns below to create 5 interesting sentences.

The spider was hairy and black.

For example: The spider, that lived in the corner of my room, was hairy and black. The spider, which kept creeping up on me, was hairy and black. Now think of your own and write them down. Lastly, choose another invertebrate you have learnt about and do the same thing with it to make another 5 sentences using each of the relative pronouns.

Optional extension task: look at the examples below where the relative clause is at the end of the sentence and use relative pronouns to write 5 more of your own like this. You could use two different colours to show the simple sentence and the relative clause added on the end. Read each of your sentences aloud to help you decide if you need a comma or not.

It was great to see some of you on the call with Leanne yesterday. One week to go until the summer holiday. Well done everyone, keep going with your learning.


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