Year 5: Remember Prefixes?

Good morning Indigo Class, do you remember what prefixes are? I expect you do.

Task 1: Watch this clip here and do the questions and quiz underneath it to refresh your memory.

Task 2: Look at the matching activity below and in your notebook, write down all the words you can see by adding a prefix to a verb:

Task 3: Now look at the poster below and look at the examples given for each prefix: dis, de, mis, over, re. Can you think of more? Write 2 sentences, using the examples or others you can think of, for each group. For example: Dis: She distrusted the bike because the brakes did not work very well.

Extension task (optional): add some more examples to the list for each group on the poster by looking in a dictionary or going to word hippo. If you put in the prefix at word hippo it will give you a list of options to choose from. Also, see if you can add to your lists when you are reading books as they will have other verbs with prefixes in. Look out for other prefixes too when you are reading. How many can you spot in a week?

Well done, you've finished the lesson! If you would like to show me how you got on, take a photo and send your work to me at

Have a good day,


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