Year 5: Remember Michael Rosen?

We listened to some of his poetry when you were in Year 4, remember? He is a great poet and has been very seriously ill with Covid-19. Now he is out of hospital and recovering at home-phew! Yesterday, I was reminded of his brilliant poem The Bus Goes On, which reminds me so much of life in London. You can watch it below.

Maybe you can continue it with your own lines of poetry.

You can watch more of his videos and check out his website here. This would be a fun thing to do if you get bored in the summer holidays.

Here is another poem we listened to in Year 4, by Benjamin Zephaniah. Here he is reciting his poem Pencil Me In:

Who are your favourite poets? Who could you read more of over the summer? Could you write a poem about your experience of the Covid-19 pandemic so far? Remember, you could use personification, alliteration, repetition, haiku, acrostic or similes. Why not have a go, it is a really good way to express your thoughts and feelings.


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