Year 5 Reading skills: Inference

Remember VIPERS? What did each letter stand for? Have a go. These are the reading skills that we work on at Johanna. Let's practise one of them today: Inference. What does that mean? It's a bit like guessing but you look at the text or pictures or both and you know something even though the words do not tell you it. It is what we can describe as "reading between the lines". Have a close look at this picture, it's called The Magic Carpet:

Next, answer the questions below in your blue notebook:

· What is happening here?

· Why/how is the carpet floating?

· How is the boy feeling? Was he expecting this to happen?

· How is the dog feeling? How do you know?

· Does this bedroom belong to the boy? What does the setting tell you about his character?

Check your work for spelling or punctuation mistakes. Have you included full stops and capital letters to make your sentences? Correct your work if you need to.

Finally, if you would like to, write a story of your own about this picture. Remember to draw the readers in to the characters and setting. I would love to know your ideas about what happens next. Where do they go on the magic carpet? What adventures do they have? Who do they meet? When you have finished, read it to your family.

Alternatively, you could use the picture to inspire you to make your own imaginary journey on a magic carpet and write about that.

By the way, did you get all the letters in the acronym? V=vocabulary, I=inference, P=predict, E=explain, R=retrieve, S=summarise. Well done if you got them all.

Happy writing,


Credit: Goro Fujita created the picture. Also,

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