Year 5: Prefect Application Reminder.

Good afternoon Indigo Class, how are you getting on with your applications for being a prefect next year? If you are still considering it, read the letters below and then get your application in to Di. I can think of so many of you that would be great at this role.

Don't forget, she would like your applications by e-mail or dropped in the school mail box by the end of Thursday this week, Friday at the very latest.

Take a look at the letter and job description below to see if you are interested. The letter tells you what to put in your application. You might say something like: The qualities I would bring to the role are reliability, enthusiasm and good ideas. Or: I think it will help develop my skills because I am already a leader in other situations (give examples) and I would like to develop my leadership skills. Put it in your own way, you are all good at that.

Go for it, Jane

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