Year 5: Off With Her Head! Wk 2

Good Morning Indigo Class, I hope you are all keeping well and happily occupied on this rainy Tuesday morning.

So who were the 5 Tudor Kings and Queens you can see in the picture above?

Do you know any of their names?

If you have been doing all the Tudors work you will know that it was Henry VII who was the first Tudor monarch, he is on the left. If you have looked at the Year 5 blog about Terrible Tudors, you might recognise Henry VIII comes next and at the end, on the right, is Elizabeth I. But who are the other two?

To find out, watch this clip and see if you can fill in the final two names. You can also look at this page so see the names of each monarch and how long they ruled for. This list has 6 monarchs in it not 5, who is the extra one? You can read all about her by clicking here. Why do you think she is left out of the picture above?

Now take a look at the pictures and information below. They are all muddled up. Can you match up the picture to the dates correctly and write down the monarchs and when they each reigned in your blue notebook?

If you would like an extra challenge, match the muddled up information below for each monarch and write it down in your notebook:

Finally, what are your thoughts about the Tudors so far? Terrible or talented? Murderous or marvellous? In your notebook describe your first impressions and what you think it might have been like to live in Tudor London?

If you want to take a photo of any of your work for me to see you can send it to me at:

Have a good day everyone.


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