Year 5: Off with her Head! Week 5

What do you think it was like to live in Tudor times?

It was very different from today. Click on this link to find out more about life in London at that time. Slide the red dot up and down on the box in the top left corner to read all about it and look carefully at the picture. What looks the same as today? What looks different?

Click on the tabs along the bottom of the picture to find out more about life in Tudor times. Or follow this link. If you look on the left there is also a very fun Tudors quiz to do on this page.

Now write down 10 interesting facts you have found out about life in Tudor times.

To find out more about life in Tudor times, watch this animation by a Year 6 class in another school. What did you find out? Add some more facts to your list.

To finish, use all your research from the DK website and from the clip to write some paragraphs to summarise what life in Tudor times was like. Finish by illustrating your work.

Optional: If you would like to make a stop-animation film like the one you just watched, choose some facts about life in Tudor times, write a short script, draw and cut out the backgrounds and characters (keep them simple) and download an app to make it. It may take a few days to complete. It might be a fun project for half-term. If you want me to see it, send it to: I would love to see what you came up with.

Happy History!


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