Year 5: Off with Her Head! Week 4

This week and last week we have been learning all about Henry VIII and his 6 wives.

We found out that his wives were called:

Catherine of Aragon

Anne Boleyn

Jane Seymour

Anne of Cleves

Catherine Howard

Catherine Parr

That's a lot of Catherine's! There is a rhyme that helps us remember what happened to each of them: divorced, beheaded, died, divorces, beheaded, survived.

We also found out what Henry did to get a divorce. As Defender of the Faith of the Catholic Church he was not meant to get divorced. To solve this dilemma, he left the Catholic church and started his own, called The Church of England. He made himself the Supreme Head and gave himself a divorce! He expected everyone else in England to do the same and leave the Catholic Church and become a Protestant in the Church of England. Understandably, this was not very popular with some people!

So, here are today's Independent Learning Activities. If you have done all the Tudors lessons you will understand them all. If not, choose one that makes sense to you:

1. Create a quiz about Henry VIII and his 6 wives. Include information about how Henry solved the problem of getting a divorce. Try the quiz out on your family.

2. Design a poster about The Reformation using research about Martin Luther. Include information about where, why and how it happened.

3. Watch this clip about Henry VIII as a parent and then write a letter to him as if you were one of his children.

4. Draw your own portrait of Elizabeth I, one of Henry's daughter. Use this video here to help you.

5. Look carefully at a Tudor Family Tree above. Can you name all the wives and their children? Draw Henry VIII's family tree but instead of using pictures write in all the names. For added challenge write in all the dates for when they lived.

Of course you can do as many as you want from the list, I'm sure some of you already love history.

Stay curious!


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