Year 5: Off with Her Head! Week 3

Hi Indigo Class!

Earlier in the week we found out who Henry VIII's 6 wives were.

Today let's ask: what was the impact of Henry's first divorce? Because it was HUGE and affected a lot of people's lives for centuries to come.

The story so far:

Henry was married to Catherine of Aragon for over 20 years but because she had not given birth to a healthy son and heir, he wanted to divorce her. He was a devout catholic christian and divorce was not allowed in his faith. To get around this he divorced Catherine anyway and then he started a new wing of the church called The Church of England. He made himself the Supreme Head of it and then he granted himself permission to have a divorce!

Let's investigate this further with this clip with Tracey Tooley here.

So Thomas Cranmer helped Henry change the church whilst Henry More stood up for the Catholic Church and was beheaded. Write a paragraph to explain which Thomas you agree with and why.

Watch this clip to find out more from Catherine's perspective. Look out for yet another Thomas!

For years afterwards Henry did not like Catholics and you had to hide it if you were one. It caused a lot of problems and deaths. Write down some sentences to describe what kind of person you think Henry was and why you think that.

Have a good holiday weekend everyone. We'll carry on finding out more about the Tudors next week.


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