Year 5: News and Spellings. Week 6

Good morning Year 5. I hope you are well well. Have your watched our special Summer Assembly this morning? Did you spot the lamas?

There are only two weeks left of school and of being in Year 5, before the summer holiday begins. Don't forget to look out for some fun summer activities run by Oasis, which you can join in with if you would like to in the holidays.

Are you interested in being a prefect? Then read Di's letter to you in the blog I posted last week and get your application in to her by e-mail or delivered by hand. Also, there is another Sumdog contest on at the moment, until July 9th, so have a go at the games using your MyMaths login and the school code: oasisacademy3646. Lastly, I look forward to seeing you later this week on a zoom call with Leanne. She will be your teacher next year and she will be able to tell you more about being in Year 6 and anything you need to get ready. You can have your questions ready for her. Your parent or carer will receive the zoom link.

Here are our spellings for the week. There are some tricky homophones here.

Task: Read the list and then write them down in pairs. Look up any words you are unsure of at wordhippo, here. Next, write each word in a sentence.

led baron bridle cereal morning lead barren bridal serial mourning

If doing all ten at once is too much for you, just do two each day this week and make sure you know what they mean and can use them in a sentence. For example on Monday: The roof was made of lead. She led me to the park.

Practise them each day this week and then ask someone to test you on Friday.

Well done everyone for all your home learning. Keep going!


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