Year 5: Ideas to help you keep reading.

For those of you with access to an e-reader or online bookshops you might be interested in these fiction and non-fiction books about mini beasts:

Other stories you might love to read are:

For quietly confident readers and above.

A similar level to The Jamie Drake Equation.

If you like stories set in school about friendship and overcoming difficult things in life you will enjoy this.

For confident, fluent readers ready for a longer read.

A similar level to Secrets of a Sun King.

If you love adventure stories and wonderful descriptive words, you will love this.

For readers still working on fluency and above.

A bit easier than The Jamie Drake Equation.

If you are a football fan you will probably love it.

Don't forget to keep filling out your 2020 reading challenge sheet whenever you finish a book.

Hopefully libraries will open again in a few weeks. If you have younger brothers or sisters you can click here and choose a story to look at together. And don't forget Storyline online where you can watch all sorts of famous people read you a story.

Keep reading something every day (books, magazines, newspapers, the back of the cereal packet, manuals, instructions, recipes...) and don't forget to re-read your old favourites.


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