Year 5 Grammar: using dashes, commas and brackets.

Hi Indigo Class,

Do you remember this word: parenthesis? We used it earlier in the year? Can you remember what it means?

Parenthesis is a word, phrase or sentence that is put in writing as extra information or an afterthought. If the parenthesis is taken away, the passage would still be complete without it.

To show this extra information we surround it with brackets, dashes or commas.

Task 1: watch this bbc bitesize clip by clicking here and then write 3 sentences of your own using brackets, looking at the picture below:

For example: the beetles (who looked like they might fall off the branch) would not stop fighting.

Task 2: Now watch this clip about dashes and hyphens and look at the picture again to write 3 sentences. Be careful, hyphens and dashes are used in different ways. Focus on the dashes.

Task 3: Watch this clip about commas here and then write 3 sentences of your own using 2 commas each time around the extra information you add to form a relative clause.

For example: the beetles, with shiny shells, would not stop fighting.

How did you get on? If it was tricky or you could not do 3 sentences for each, come back tomorrow and try again or finish it off.

Optional extra: design a poster to show how to use dashes, brackets and commas when you add extra information to your sentences. If you want me to see it, take a picture and e-mail it to me at:

To finish, watch this song here to remind you all about parenthesis.

Well done for completing the lesson,


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