Year 5: Grammar-tastic!

Good morning Indigo Class! I am missing you so much.

I hope you are all well and going out, in the sunshine, in a socially-distanced way, at least once a day.

Let's do some grammar today. We will revise expanded noun phrases. Watch this clip here and then complete the activity and quiz on that web page, underneath the clip.

So an expanded noun phrase is one where you add some extra details to make the sentence more interesting. In your notebook, expand these noun phrases. Be creative and use the most powerful descriptive words (adjectives) you can think of:

the house

the park

the school

the film star

the computer game

A phrase is not a sentence, it can be a part of a sentence though. It does not need to start with a capital letter.

Look at the example at the bottom of this chart: the fierce, ugly troll beneath the bridge. Can you see the 2 determiners, the 2 adjectives and the noun and prepositional phrase here? Use the words on this chart to make up 8 expanded noun phrases of your own. Use the determiner+adjectives+nouns pattern and for extra challenge use some prepositional phrases too.

Optional task: use one of the phrases to spark ideas and write a short story all about it.

Well done everyone for keeping going with your learning.

Have you checked out the independent activities on the Week 4 Off With Her Head! post? There are some fun things to choose, including drawing Elizabeth I. Take a look.

Have a great weekend,


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