Year 5: Can you spell it?

Good morning Indigo Class. How are you? I hope you had a fun VE Day weekend. Please do watch today's assembly if you have not done so. It is very interesting and Bess tells us all about this special weekend.

What are the people in this picture doing? Look at the list of words below to find a clue:











Did you spot it? Yes, these people are in a queue. Can you draw a picture or symbol for any of the other words?

Now say each word from the list in a sentence.

If you are not sure of the meaning of a word look it up using word hippo here.

Click on the synonyms tab and find some words with the same meaning. Now click on antonyms and find words with the opposite meanings. Use colourful pens to make a list of these for one of the words in the spelling list. Choose the word you understand the least. Repeat this for other words you are unsure about.

Practise spelling the words throughout the week and then ask someone in your family to test you.

Can you get 10/10? I'm sure you can!

Happy spelling!

Keep learning,


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