Year 5: Beast Creator~Week 5

Good Morning Indigo Class.

This week our LI is:

I can explain why mini-beasts are important as part of an ecosystem and how climate change affects them.

What role do you think mini-beast have? Why are they important? Write down any ideas you have.

What does ecosystem mean? Watch this clip here to check your understanding and do the 'fill the gap' game underneath it.

Then, copy and complete the sentence below by putting ecosystem, creatures and live in the right place:

Lots of different _______________ all depending on each other to __________, is called an _________________.

Next, read this page here carefully and make a list of at least 5 ways that insects are important.

Were you surprised by anything? Watch this clip to see if your list is complete:

Well done everyone. Insects are so important, what do you think the impact of climate change is on them? Have a think and we'll learn more about that on Thursday.

Have a great day,


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