Year 5: Beast Creator ~ Week 6.

We have found out a lot about mini-beasts on the land over the last few weeks. Let's think about invertebrates in the oceans this week. Our LI is: I can name and describe some ocean invertebrates.

Can you think of any animals without a back bone that you have seen when you have been at the seaside either in the UK or in another country? Jot down a quick list.

Task 1: Now, watch this clip about marine invertebrates. It made me go "wow!" Some of them are very beautiful. Some are very weird.

Task 2: Have a look at this page by the World Animal Foundation. Read all the information about ocean invertebrates, until you get to the spider. Make some notes about what you found out. Include as many facts as you can. You could bullet point them like this:

Or you could doodle pictures and words and make a sketchnote. Here is an example using bees. Maybe you can make a sketchnote about ocean invertebrates. It does not need to be perfect. The point is to draw little pictures and words to capture the information you have found out. Drawing and writing in this way will help you remember it.

I would love to see your lists or sketchnotes. You can show them to me at:

Have a great day,


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