Year 5: Beast Creator, Week 4.

Good morning Indigo Class!

In this lesson we will find out more about mini-beasts. Our L.I. is:

I can present food chains and food webs to show where living things get their energy.

First, read the description of a food chain and food web on the Knowledge Organiser:

Now let's find out more about producers, consumers and food chains by watching this bitesize clip here.

Task 1: Copy this summary into your notebook, adding in the word producer, consumer, predator and prey in the right spot:

Plants get their energy from the Sun. They are called _____________ because they make their own food. Animals are called ______________ because they eat plants and other animals. They do not make their own food. Animals that eat other animals are called _____________. The animals they eat are called ________. All together, they create a food chain.

Now have a look at this web page to finds our more about food chains and this web page to find out about food webs. Can you see the part invertebrates play?

Task 2: Look at the pictures below and create as many food chains as you can by writing their names and using arrows, like this example but without the pictures (unless you want to use pictures too):

How many food chains can you make?

If you would like to, you can take a picture of your food chains and send them to me at: so I can take a look and give you some feedback.

Look out for some ILA's about food webs and food chains later in the week.

Keep learning,


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