Year 5: Beast Creator, Week 1.

Welcome to our new topic Indigo Class! We will have a lot of fun learning all about mini beasts this term. Before we begin, brainstorm all the things you already know about mini beasts. They include thousands of creatures from spiders to starfish and centipedes to sea urchins. List everything you can think of in a notebook or on a piece of paper.

Now have a look at our Knowledge Organiser for the term:

We are going to start by thinking about the deadly mini beasts that are a threat to other living things. Can you think of any? Have you seen or experienced any in this country or another country? When I lived in Mozambique we had a mango tree in front of our first floor flat and one year there was a huge spider in it. Over time, we watched the whole life cycle of it as it made a web, had babies and then one day disappeared.

To find out about the worlds top ten most deadly animals, read all about them here.

Your Task:

Choose one of the deadly creatures you read about and create a fact card about it. Look at the example on the left which has 3 fact cards. Include a picture and some facts on your fact card. Do as many as you would like.

What is this?

The black widow spider is famous for being very deadly because of its poisonous bite. Their venom is 15 times stronger than a rattlesnakes. Fortunately they do not bite people very often. They live in North America and we have no poisonous spiders in Britain. Have a look at its body parts and distinctive red marking in the picture above. What do you think the spinnerets do?

Your Task: Learn how to draw one by clicking and watching this clip here. Have a go! If you would like to, send me a photo of your picture: Can you label the parts?

To finish, watch this clip of Steve Backshall with a dangerous centipede and this one of him with a mantis shrimp.

Watch out for some mini beast ILA's later in the week.


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