Year 5: Beast Creator ILA's~Week 3

This week we are finding out where mini-beasts live. Where are their micro-habitats? If you have not done the post earlier in the week, go back and look at it now but skip the tasks. The return here.

We found out that mini-beasts live under stones and rocks, on leaves and flowers, in hives, in soil and mounds of mud and on webs. Mini-beasts can also live in ponds and in the sea.

Task: Have a look at this page to find out more about invertebrates that live in ponds here in Britain.

Task: Here are your Independent Learning Activities for the week. Choose at least one to complete, but you can do as many as you would like. Don't forget, if you would like me to see your work, you can take a photo of it and send it to me at:

Go online and research an invertebrate of your choice from a habitat outside Britain. It could be a place you know well or would like to find out about. Every region of the world has different types of invertebrates because of the different climates and habitats. For example, what invertebrates do you find in a rain forest, a tropical ocean or in South Africa our global partner? Present your facts clearly as a leaflet with information and drawings.

2. Using the vocab in this week's spellings or on the Knowledge Organiser below, create a glossary of 8-10 words, defining each term and giving examples. Make sure it is neat and colourful.

3. Watch this clip to find out how to build a bug hotel. Collect the bits and pieces together and then have a go at making one yourself. Put it on you balcony or in your garden. Or, you could make just one tube and put it on your windowsill outside. Then, look out for tiny visitors!

4. Watch this clip here about how to draw freshwater habitats like ponds and then have a go yourself. On the back or underneath, list all the invertebrates you know of that could live in there.

Don't forget, I love to see your work. You can e-mail it to me at:

Keep going with your home learning, you are doing so well.



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