Year 5: Beast Creator ILA's ~ Week 4

Good afternoon Indigo Class!

How did you get on with finding out about and making food chains earlier in the week?

Watch this clip here to find our more about food webs and food chains.

Task 1 : Can you summarise the difference between a food chain and a food web? Have a go and write it down.

Task 2: Food webs and food chains are all about animals getting the energy they need to be able to do the things that keep them alive.

What did you eat today? What do you think your body used it for? Make a list.

Now choose at least one activity to help you apply and deepen your learning:

  1. Find out about animals in food chains on this page. Click on the different animals at the bottom of the National Geographic web page and then choose one. Now, draw it in a food chain. What would eat it or what would it eat to get energy?

2. This is not a real photo, it has been created. But, think about the concept of an animal, eating an animal which is eating another animal. Can you create a piece of art like this? Look at the examples below and see if you can make one. For example, a shrimp being eaten by a crab being eaten by a shark or a cricket being eaten by a bird being eaten by a fox. These are all food chains shown in a very dramatic way! Can you make on yourself?

3. Go to this web page here and find out more about invertebrates and food chains. Create a colourful, interesting poster about it. Make sure you include at least one picture to present a food chain clearly.

4. When you next go outside, look carefully under logs and stones and collect 3-6 insects in a small box. When you get home, use the Mini-beast key below to identify them. Then let them go again outside.

Don't forget you can send me pictures of your work any time:

Keep exploring,


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