Year 5: Beast Creator ILA's Week 2

Good afternoon Indigo Class,

This week we have been learning about how invertebrates (animals without a back bone) are classified (sorted into groups). Hopefully you have read the blog post from earlier this week.

Have you started to learn the names of some of these groups? Have a look at the fact card below and see if your list matches.

Task: watch this clip here to find out about the biggest group called Arthropods. Make some notes about the characteristics arthropods share such as segmented bodies and jointed legs. This is why they are all put in to the same group.

Insects, arachnids and crustaceans are all Arthropods.

Now have a look at the chart below. Collect some more group names and look at the examples of each:

Task: choose at least 1 of the following activities to work on. If you would like me to see it, take a picture and e-mail it to me at: I would love to see what you have been doing and I can send you some feedback.

  1. Find 10 objects around your house and look closely at them. What traits do they have? For example, size, colour, shape, use, patterns. Put them into groups with shared traits. Name each groups and draw or list the items in each group and explain how you have classified them.

  2. Invent your own invertebrate by using traits from at least 3 different groups for example: 2 pairs of wings of an insect, soft body of a mollusc, 4 pairs of legs of an arachnid. Draw, colour and label the invertebrate you have created.

  3. Do an in depth study of one invertebrate. Research on line, then draw it carefully. Name it and describe its traits and which group it is in. Finish by writing 3 questions you have about it underneath.

Happy learning!


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