Year 5: A Poem about you by Jane!

Good morning Year 5. I am missing you a lot. I was thinking about all the things I miss and have put them in a poem for you (in alphabetical order):

Year 5, I miss:

Aaron’s ever-improving amazing writing,

Abdulahi’s sneezes at 10.31,

Amy’s power points, working beautifully in a pair,

Anees’s helpfulness in difficult moments,

Bess’s fabulous feminist questions,

Chinaza’s thoughtful approach to improving her work,

Elizabeth’s musical soul, always a song going on,

Feriel’s cheeky smile when I catch her chatting,

Genta beautifully presented work,

Honey’s amazing work ethic and listening,

Joe’s quirky, one-off sense of humour and creativity,

Joseph’s fabulous concentration and attention to detail,

Keira’s giggle, which sounds like a zebra,

Keiralee’s elegant, cheerful presence,

Kevin’s pride in his work when he does a great job,

Khadijah’s amazing maths and drive for learning,

Kian’s insightful explanations in maths,

Lily’s thorough approach to all her work,

Mia’s doodling and creative instincts,

Mohamed’s terrific effort and progress,

Naima’s incredible creativity and imagination in her writing,

Rhys’s thoughtful topic work,

Umaymah’s flair for asking amazing questions,

Vanessa’s ever-changing handwriting,

Vita’s insatiable thirst for books,

Yaqub’s delight when he gets to work with Aaron,

Yusuf’s determination to learn his spellings.

I hope you have good day.



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