Year 5: A Message and Spellings

Good Morning Indigo Class.

It was great to speak to some of you last week. I will be calling the rest of you this week to catch up.

Here are some tips for your home learning:

  1. Each week you have lots of posts to choose from on this website. Please do the White Rose Maths, your spellings and Beast Creator work. There are also some fantastic Music and Computer lessons to do, a writing task and sometimes grammar. You have lots of choice and can do them in any order you like.

  2. Don't forget to check out the global lessons too, the one's with a flag, for some very fun activities to do about different countries around the world.

  3. This week we are taking part in a Maths Contest at You will need to log in using your MyMaths login and put in the school code which is: oasisacademy3646

  4. BBC Bitesize daily lessons are great so if you are doing those, that's super, but don't miss our on the Beast Creator topic work this term.

  5. Keep reading as much as possible.

  6. Make sure you know your times tables REALLY well.

6. Creating a timetable for some work each day might help you stick to your home learning. 1-2 hours a day is great. You can split it into chunks if that is easier for your concentration. Or perhaps you have to wait until a computer or phone is free to do it then. No problem, but take the opportunity to keep learning! Do your reading and times tables or write a story if you cannot use a computer for a while.

This week your spellings are:











What patterns can you see? Sort them in to groups of your choice, be creative.

Can you use them all in a few sentences? Can you write a rhyme using some of them?

Look up any you are unsure of at wordhippo by clicking here.

What is the difference between the homophones taught and taut? Draw a picture to show each.

Practise your words each day and then ask someone in your family to test you when you think you know them. Go for it!

Have a great week,


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