Year 4 Grammar Wk 2 Prepositions

Hi Blue,

Let's start this week by recapping Prepositions.

1. Watch this video to remind your self what Prepositions are and when we use them.

2. In your blue books can you complete the following sentences using one of the prepositions in the box.

3. Look around the room you are in.

Write five sentences about the room using a different preposition in each sentence.

Challenge yourself to use these prepositions if you can:

  • between

  • opposite

  • beyond.

For example: The computer is on top of the table.

Use this word mat to help you.


Look at this picture of a very messy bedroom (I hope none off ours look like this!). Can you write five more sentences describing the objects you can see using prepositions

For example:

The coat is hanging on the peg, between the drawers and the door.

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