Year 2 - Topic (wk4)

This week our topic lesson is a history lesson. We are going to be comparing seaside holidays from the past and present.

In the present day, lots of people may go abroad on holidays whereas, in the victorian times most people would go to British seasides as flying to another country wasn't an option.

In the present day, lots of people sunbathe. In the past, this wasn't in fashion instead they went to the beach fully clothed and bathed in the sea. See the picture below of this.

Another thing that existed in the past that we don't see anymore is bathing machines. These were carriages in which the women would change into their bathing costumes. A horse would then pull it towards the sea and the women would lower themselves into it without being seen.

Even though a lot has changed some things have not! People still love eating ice cream and building sandcastles.

Below are some more similarities and differences between the past and present.

Your task this week is to sort these pictures into past and present. Don't worry about printing these just create your own table and draw your own pictures!.


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