Year 2 - Topic wk.6

This week in our topic lesson we are going to look at a diagram called a Dichotomous. This diagram helps you eliminate options in order to identify plants and animal species. The one below is for animals. To create a Dichotomous you need to categorise the animals or plants so eventually they have unique features meaning they can be identified. For example, a snail has no backbone, no legs and has a shell. These are the three categories that the snail fitted into which helped us to identify it as a snail.

Have a go at thinking of one of these animals and starting from the top answering the questions about it!

This is another Dichotomous about plants. Have a look at the type of questions it has asked. How many answers are there to a question?

Your task this week is to create your own dichotomous. You can create your dichotomous on anything you want such as animals or plants. The instructions below will help you make one to identify different leaves!

To start you need to pick six of these types of leaf.

Then try to think about ways you could categorise them.

Does it have more than one leaf?

Are the edges smooth or jagged?

Are the leaves opposite each other?

Does it have more than two leaves?

Once you have thought about how you can categorise your leaves it is time to create your own. Start by using a question that splits your six into two groups. This may be tricky so an adult may want to help you!

Have fun,


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